Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Iowa Competitive Bidding Alliance, Inc. is to uphold, maintain, promote and protect the laws of the State of Iowa in the planning, bidding and construction of Public Works Projects throughout the State of Iowa.

The goal of ICBA is to educate all Iowa public officials who are in the position to make decision using taxpayers’ money to build public facilities of each system allowed in public construction.

Mission Statement

To assure the public that members in the association have Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility.

To maintain the standards of the contracting business at the level necessitated by its quasi-professional character and to establish members of the Association in the public mind as contractors who fulfill obligations in good faith.

To provide methods and means whereby members may avail themselves of the greater power of combined effort through the Association acting as an authoritative body in securing just and honorable dealings from the public whom they serve.

To foster and maintain high ethical standards and practices.

To promote more cordial and cooperative relations between general contractors and their employees, representatives of employees, architects, engineers, sub contractors, material suppliers and other persons with whom the contractors deal or have contact in construction.

To devise ways and adopt means for improvement and development of the building construction industry.

Reasons for forming

In recent history, some companies within the construction industry decided they would like to eliminate the competitive bidding process for public buildings by introducing alternative building delivery systems.

The companies had been trying to legalize two specific building delivery systems that are allowed in the private sector: Construction Management and Design Build.

  • Construction management “CM” which when used would make the Iowa taxpayer vulnerable to multiple contracts and potential lawsuits without any protection from the construction manager.
  • The second was introducing Design Build into the public building laws.

The ICBA isn’t against Construction Management & Design Build. ICBA believes CM & Design Build can be used in the private sector but in the public sector. Publicly-funded buildings should be held accountable with the Design-Bid-Build system.

ICBA formed in 2001.

ICBA’s purpose is to educate all public officials and protect the taxpayers of Iowa.