Construction Delivery Systems

What are the different construction delivery systems? 

There are 4 primary construction delivery systems. Only 3 of which are legally allowed in public construction.

  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Construction Management at Risk
  • Construction Management Agency
  • Design-Build (Not allowed in Public Construction)

Design-Bid-Build (Triad)

The Design-Bid-Build (Triad) system is a delivery system that involves the owner, the architect and the general contractor working together to complete a building project. It is the strongest system in relationship to bidding transparency and fairness with no subjectivity.


Construction Management At Risk

The most common form of Construction Management is CM At-Risk, where an independent professional reduces the risk to the Owner because a Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) holds the subcontract agreements.


Construction Management Agency

In Construction Management Agency, the Agency Construction Manager acts as an advisor to the client. Construction Management – Agency or CM (Agency) is a fee-based service in which the CM (Agency) acts as the Owner’s representative during each stage of the project.