Educating Public Officials in the Use of

Design-Bid-Build in

Public Construction

In publicly-funded construction, the Design-Bid-Build system is the tried-and-true system that has been used for over a 100 years to deliver successful construction projects in Iowa. It is a simplified construction process that is transparent and saves taxpayers money. 

Iowa's Public Building Law Changed in 2022

The Iowa Legislature changed Iowa’s public building laws in 2022 with the addition of Construction Management at Risk (CMAR).

More public dollars spent on new delivery systems do not translate to increased value. Learn more about which delivery systems is best to use.

Is your school or tax-supported organization faced with new construction?

The ICBA wishes to educate your school board and your publicly-funded organization faced about their options when faced with construction projects. Contact us today to learn how Design-Bid-Build can save your taxpayers money.

About Iowa Competitive Bidding Alliance

The purpose of the Iowa Competitive Bidding Alliance, Inc. (ICBA) is to uphold, maintain, promote and protect the laws of the State of Iowa in the planning, bidding and construction of Public Works Projects throughout the State of Iowa.

The goal of ICBA is to educate all Iowa public officials who are in the position to make decisions using taxpayers’ money to build public facilities. 

Why Choose Design-Bid-Build?

Design-Bid-Build provides multiple, competitive guaranteed maximum prices on bid day in a more transparent manner. On bid day, the owner knows if the project is within budget. Other delivery systems do not necessarily provide a final number on bid day.


Most Construction Management companies operate as General Contractors in Iowa

More risk is involved in hiring a Construction Management delivery system.

Design-Bid-Build is the most proven construction delivery system in the state of Iowa.


ICBA has pulled together examples of taxpayer-funded projects that either used an alternative delivery system like Construction Management or changed to Design-Bid-Build. These examples show ways the Design-Bid-Build method would have saved money on the project.